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Supplier Conditions of Purchase

Conditions of Purchase:
1. Any merchandise not shipped exactly as purchased regarding size, colors, quantities, and in our judgment not up to sample quality for
any reason, is returnable at the expense of the vendor for incoming and outgoing freight and handling charges.
2. If not delivered by cancellation date, we reserve the right to return, refuse or cancel without previous notification the entire order or any
portion thereof.
3. Transportation on back orders must be shipped at vendors expense.
4. Vendor packing and/or handling charges will be charged back to the vendor account.
5. Items ordered are to be forwarded at risk of shipper and excess transportation charges caused by deviation of shipping instructions will
be charged to vendors account.
6. Invoices will be paid latter of receipt of invoice or of receipt of goods, if the specified on this purchase order do not appear on or agree
with vendors invoice. Vendor agrees that Western Outlets, LLC may change the invoice to conform with this order and make payment
7. Vendor will ship per the Western Outlets Shipping & Routing Guinde including putting the purchase order number on all invoices and on
the outside of all packages.
8. Any deviations, substitutions, or variations from the quantities, prices or terms indicated on this order are made at seller's risk and are
subject to a handling charge.
9. In the event vendor is unable to deliver any part of or all of the merchandise called for by this order, vendor agrees to notify Western
Outlets, LLC immediately.
10. This becomes a valid order once it is signed and approved by an officer of Western Outlets, LLC
11. It is understood and agreed that all terms and conditions of set forth in this order are satisfactory and accepted by vendor unless
vendor notifies Western Outlets, LLC to the contrary within ten working days from date of this order. Acceptance of this order or shipment
of any part of it constitutes an agreement to all of its specifications and conditions.
12. Boxes are not to exceed 25" on the longest side or weigh more than 49 pounds unless you have received advanced written permission,
otherwise all oversize charges will be charged back to the vendor.